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A unified approach to safeguarding digital assets, encompassing proactive measures for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within domains, while simultaneously detecting and mitigating phishing threats to ensure comprehensive cybersecurity posture.

DNS Overview

Monitor nameservers, SPF, and DMARC records to ensure email security and domain integrity.

Fake Domain Detection

Identify potential phishing threats with possible and registered fake domains analysis.

Subdomain Analysis

Explore subdomain structures, ASNs, and neighboring domains for comprehensive vulnerability management.



Easily manage domain vulnerabilities, detect phishing threats, and analyze DNS data with intuitive tools for proactive cybersecurity measures.

Domain Vulnerability Management

 Comprehensive Domain Vulnerability Management

   - Identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities across specific domains.

   - Proactively detect vulnerabilities early and prioritize based on risk.

   - Implement effective solutions to enhance overall cybersecurity posture.

Phishing Detection and Prevention

Phishing Detection and Prevention

   - Monitor possible fake domains to identify suspicious entities.

   - Track registered fake domains for proactive mitigation efforts.

   - Visualize domain registration countries to understand phishing trends and target locations.

DNS Analysis

DNS Analysis:

   - Monitor nameservers to ensure their security and integrity.

   - Identify domains with SPF and DMARC records for enhanced email security.

   - Analyze SPF records to ensure proper configuration and alignment with email security policies.

Subdomain Insights

Subdomain Insights:

   - Explore subdomain structures and relationships with neighboring domains.

   - Visualize the distribution of subdomains across different Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs).

   - Analyze subdomain information to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for mitigation.

User-Friendly Interface

 User-Friendly Interface:

   - Access summary tables and pie charts for quick insights into domain vulnerabilities and phishing threats.

   - Navigate through different sections effortlessly to manage domains effectively.

   - Utilize detailed tables and visualizations for in-depth analysis and decision-making.


Types of Domain Vulnerabilities We Address

We fix different kinds of problems with computer stuff: things wrong with software, settings that aren’t safe, and secret problems bad guys are using before anyone knows about them.

Software Vulnerabilities

Flaws in operating systems, applications, and web software.

Configuration Vulnerabilities

Insecure settings on servers, network devices, and applications.

Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Previously unknown vulnerabilities actively exploited by attackers.


Domain Vulnerability Management

Managing xIoTz Domain Vulnerabilities enhances security, reduces business risk, ensures compliance, saves time and costs, prevents downtime, and provides ongoing expert protection for peace of mind.

Enhanced Security Posture

The xIoTz dashboard empowers organizations to strengthen their cybersecurity posture by identifying, assessing, and mitigating vulnerabilities across their domains, ensuring proactive protection against potential threats.

Improved Risk Management

By providing comprehensive insights into domain vulnerabilities and phishing threats, the dashboard enables organizations to prioritize risks effectively, allocate resources efficiently, and implement targeted solutions to mitigate security risks.


Compliance Assurance

With features such as SPF, DMARC monitoring, and domain registration country analysis, the dashboard assists organizations in ensuring compliance with industry regulations and standards, thereby minimizing the risk of regulatory fines and penalties.


Proactive Threat Detection

 The dashboard's capability to detect possible fake domains and phishing attempts enables organizations to proactively identify and mitigate emerging threats, safeguarding their critical assets and sensitive information from malicious actors.


. Enhanced Email Security

 By monitoring SPF, DMARC records, and domain typos and variations, the dashboard helps organizations bolster their email security defenses, preventing email spoofing, phishing attacks, and unauthorized email transmission, thereby safeguarding communication channels.


Comprehensive Insights

With features such as top IP analysis, subdomain information tables, and country maps depicting phishing activities, the dashboard provides organizations with comprehensive insights into their domain ecosystem, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.


Mitigation Efficiency

 By offering detailed information on neighboring domains, ASNs, and virtual hosting, the dashboard enables organizations to identify and address security risks and dependencies more efficiently, minimizing the impact of potential vulnerabilities and phishing threats on their operations.




 Domain vulnerability management involves identifying, assessing, and mitigating vulnerabilities within a specific domain or area of an organization's IT infrastructure to enhance cybersecurity posture and protect critical assets.

 The dashboard provides insights such as top IP addresses with the most domain information, subdomain details, and virtual hosting information, allowing users to prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk and potential impact.

SPF and DMARC records help enhance email security by specifying authorized mail servers and enforcing email authentication policies. Monitoring these records in the dashboard ensures proper email authentication and reduces the risk of phishing attacks.

The dashboard offers insights into subdomain structures, neighboring domains, and ASN information, enabling users to understand subdomain ecosystems, identify anomalies, and prioritize subdomains for security assessments.

The dashboard provides tools to detect possible fake domains, track registered fake domains, analyze domain registration countries, identify domain typos and variations, and visualize phishing activity geographically, helping organizations proactively mitigate phishing threats.


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xIoTz UCAP is a self-healing military grade solution built on an Edge-Cloud platform providing  30+ Security Products built-in & integrated with SIEM enabling cyber safety & data assurance.

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