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Defensive-Security to improve the organization’s security posture by Collecting, monitoring, analyzing and managing data and identifying suspicious activity & alerts .

Domain Scanner

With the help of this tool, you can ensure coverage by checking for DNS vulnerabilities and phishing domain detection.

Web Scanner

This program acts as a digital security guard, thoroughly scanning and optimizing your WAF, CDN, and SSL certificates while identifying content and technology weaknesses deep within your website.

System Scanner

This program performs network, server, endpoint, application, database, and CMS scans as a thorough digital security bloodhound to find vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and flaws.

Domain Scanner


Web Scanner


System Scanner




Regularly scan your website to ensure maximum security against external threats. Remain alert and implement proactive measures to safeguard your website and its valuable data.

DNS Vulnerability

xIoTz DMARC/DKIM/SPF scanners help domain owners better understand their email authentication status, improve their email security posture, and protect their users from email-based attacks.

Phishing Domain

xIoTz generates and tests domain typos and variations to detect and perform typo squatting, URL hijacking, phishing, and corporate espionage that can be used to attack customers.

Domain & SubDomian

xIoTz Subdomain Scanners discover and identify all the subdomains associated with a domain name, determine the domain’s attack surface for organizations, and identify potential vulnerabilities or attack vectors.

WHOIS Registrant

WHOIS scans the registrant name, email address, physical address, and phone number of a domain name, identifies the owners by investigating possible fraud or abuse of the brand names.



Introducing our ultimate solution for vulnerability management – the highly advanced web scanner tool designed to provide utmost security for your web applications and mitigate risks.

WAF & CDN Scanner

WAF Scanner identifies the vulnerabilities & configuration issues in the WebApplication Firewall and provides recommendations for remediation. CND Scanner detects the absence of a content delivery network for the hosted business application and the possibility of a DDoS attack.

SSL Grading

SSL Scanner evaluates factors such as SSL/TLS version, key exchange algorithm, strength of the encryption key, quality of the certificate, and the configuration of the SSL/TLS protocols and grades the SSL/TLS encryption used for securing the web application.

Technology Vulnerability

The technology scanner detects potential security vulnerabilities due to known vulnerabilities in the technology stack used by the application technologies used in the Web Application.

Content Vulnerability

This scanner focuses on identifying security vulnerabilities related to the content and
data within the Web Application.



Conduct a thorough system scan to detect any vulnerabilities that could jeopardize its security.

Network Scanner

NVM scan for vulnerabilities such as open port, unsecured communication channel, authentication bypass, fire-wall by-pass, denial-of-service, memory corruption and backdoor.

Server / End-Point Scan

SVM scans the well-known vulnerabilities of unpatched software, weak credentials and poor encryption. Malicious Insider & ransomware are detected, decoded and defended.

App & DB Scanner

AVM deployment protects the web application from cyber-attack. xIOTz scanner helps in identifying the vulnerabilities specific to application and frameworks such as Nginx, Apache, WordPress and Drupal.

CMS Scanner

CMS Vulnerability Scanner scans for missing security patches, misconfigurations, and potential security weaknesses in the CMS file permissions, open directories, default admin credentials, or compromised credentials, and provides recommendations. 

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xIoTz Unified Cyber Assurance platform

xIoTz UCAP is a self-healing military grade solution built on an Edge-Cloud platform providing  30+ Security Products built-in & integrated with SIEM enabling cyber safety & data assurance.

Security Operation Centre


Network Detection and Response
End-Point Detection and Response
Application Detection and Response

Network Operation Centre


Performance Management & Auditing
Down Time Management
Log Management System

Threat Operation Centre


DMARC Analyzer & Management
Decoy & Deception Management
Email Trap Analyzer

Next-Gen Vulnerability


System Vulnerability Management
Web Vulnerability Management
Domain Vulnerability Management


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