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System Performance
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Transform your system’s performance with xIoTz SPM. Real-time insights, proactive issue resolution, and cybersecurity defense simplified.

Comprehensive Insight

User-friendly dashboard for quick insights into system performance.

Specialized Dashboards

Specialized dashboards for Windows services, System audits, Linux process and containers.

Proactive and Scalable

Enables proactive issue resolution, real-time monitoring, and resource optimization.


xIoTz SPM Features

xIoTz SPM unveils system health through intuitive dashboards for Windows & Linux, encompassing metrics, services, audits, containers & more.

Performance Management Dashboard

Performance Management Dashboard

System metrics for hosts, processes, inbound/outbound traffic and load levels in one user-friendly dashboard.

Windows Services Dashboard

Windows Services Dashboard

Windows services like tracking active agents, service count, running and stopped services.

SPM linux audit dashboard

Windows Audit Dashboard

Windows health and security covering total events, agent activities, critical issues, errors, and warnings.

Linux Containers Dashboard

Linux Containers Dashboard

Key metrics for Linux container management, including CPU usage and detailed memory stats.

Linux Audit Dashboard

Linux Audit Dashboard

Linux systems covering system overview, command executions and network socket activities.

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xIoTz SPM Benefits

xIoTz System Performance Management gives you in-depth, user-friendly system insights in real-time for proactive performance management.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Identify and address potential performance issues before they impact system operations.

Real-time Monitoring

Gain instant, actionable insights into your system's health through real-time monitoring.

Resource Optimization

Optimize resource allocation, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

Enhanced Security

Detects anomalies and potential security threats with robust auditing features.

Improved Productivity

Minimize downtime and enhance overall system productivity for seamless operations.

Cost Savings

Optimize resource usage, reducing unnecessary expenditures and enhancing cost-effectiveness.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate detailed reports to analyze historical performance trends and plan for the future.


Accommodate the growth of your system effortlessly with xIoTz's scalable architecture.




SPM is a cutting-edge cyber assurance platform designed to transform and optimize system performance. It provides real-time insights, proactive issue resolution, and simplified cybersecurity defense.

SPM monitors critical system resources like CPU, memory, storage, and network utilization. It assesses resource availability, response time, processing speed, channel capacity, latency, bandwidth, and throughput, optimizing the entire enterprise infrastructure.

The Unified Cyber-Assurance Platform integrates Network Operation Center (NOC), Security Operation Center (SOC), Threat Operation Center (TOC), and NexGen Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) into a single pane of glass, providing System Performance Management, Down-time Management, Uptime Management, and Log Management System.

xIoTz SPM provides dedicated dashboards for Windows Services and Windows Audit, enabling users to monitor active agents, running services, automatic services, audit events, errors, warnings, and more in real-time.

Yes, xIoTz SPM includes Linux Containers and Linux Audit dashboards, offering detailed metrics on CPU usage, memory stats, command executions, network socket activities, file integrity, and various audit events.

SPM offers proactive issue resolution, real-time monitoring, resource optimization, enhanced security through anomaly detection, improved productivity, cost savings, a user-friendly interface, customizable alerts, comprehensive reporting, and scalability.

SPM caters to various industries such as IT & Network Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, and E-commerce. It ensures the seamless operation of IT infrastructure, guarantees patient data security, optimizes production processes, safeguards financial data, and maintains high-performance e-commerce platforms.

xIoTz simplifies system performance management by offering a user-friendly interface and customizable alerts. It brings clarity to complex environments, empowering users to understand system health, optimize resources, and enhance security.

xIoTz SPM is a valuable solution due to its comprehensive features, real-time monitoring, proactive issue resolution, user-friendly interface, and customizable alerts. It transforms the complex world of system performance management into a comprehensible and efficient process.

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