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Network Intrusion
Detection System |

xloTz NIDS monitors network traffic for malicious activity or security policy violations & protects organizations by detecting and responding to network threats.

Rapid Response

xIoTz NIDS uses AI for real-time threat detection, ensuring swift responses to network risks.

Enhanced Visibility

Customized policies and compliance measures minimize response times, providing effective security.

Flow analysis

Flow analysis offers quick insights into network activities, strengthening overall security.

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xIoTz NIDS Features

xIoTz network intrusion detection system provides a wide range of benefits to increase the enterprise network security posture.

Real Time Monitoring 1

Real-Time Monitoring

xloTz NIDS monitor network traffic in real-time, quickly detect and respond to security threats.

Signature Based Detection

Signature-Based Detection

xloTz NIDS monitor network traffic in real-time, quickly detect and respond to security threats.

Anomaly Based Detection

Anomaly-Based Detection

To identify weird patterns, abnormal activity & deviation in network behavior.

packet capture

Packet Capture And Analysis

NIDS capture and analyze network packets in real-time to identify sources of network traffic and detect suspicious activity.

logging and monitoring

Event Logging And Reporting

NIDS continuously monitor and analyze network packets in real-time to pinpoint sources of network traffic and identify any suspicious activity.

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xIoTz NIDS Benefits

xIoTz NIDS deploys AI-powered response, customized policies, and flow analysis for enhanced network security and minimized risk.

Real-Time Threat Detection

Detects and responds to
network threats in real-time, quickly identifies and contains potential security breaches.

Improved Network Visibility

Greater visibility into enterprise networks, identifying potential security weaknesses, vulnerabilities & threats.

Early Warning Of Attacks

Proactive measures to prevent and mitigate the impact of the attack by Providing early warning of potential cyber threat.

Reduced Response Times

Automated detection & response to security threats, reduce response times & minimize the impact of security incidents.

Customized Rules & Policies

Customized to meet organization specific security needs & tailored security policies addressing unique requirements.

Compliance & Standards

Provide regulatory compliances & industry requirements mandated by HIPAA, PCI-DSS standards.

Reduced Security Risks

Continuous monitoring and threat detection, to prevent costly security breaches & improves organization security posture.

Improved Incident Response

Investigate past security
incidents, identify the source of the attack and take proactive steps to prevent future incidents.



IDS stands for Intrusion Detection System, while NIDS stands for Network Intrusion Detection System. The main difference is in their scope. IDS monitors activities on a computer or network, while NIDS specifically focuses on network traffic to identify potential threats.

NIDS can be both hardware and software-based. Hardware NIDS involves dedicated devices that analyze network traffic, while software NIDS is installed on existing servers or systems to perform similar functions.

The components of a Network Intrusion Detection System typically include sensors to capture network traffic, a console for monitoring and managing alerts, and a database to store information about potential threats. Additionally, there may be a reporting module to generate reports on detected incidents.

xIoTz NIDS is pre-integrated with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for easy automation and orchestration. This integration enhances the overall efficiency of threat detection and response.

Organizations can explore career opportunities, partnership opportunities, request live demonstrations, and access informative blogs on www.xiotz.com to enhance their network security with xIoTz NIDS.

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