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Boost cybersecurity with xIoTz EDR: Detect, respond, and prevent with rapid incident response. Choose EDR over EPP for robust protection.

EDR vs. EPP Clarity

Differentiates EDR and EPP, highlighting the importance of both in cybersecurity.

Proactive Incident Response

xIoTz EDR provides rapid response, early threat detection, and proactive defense against APTs.

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection:

xIoTz EDR ensures robust cybersecurity with vulnerability detection, patch management and compliance adherence.

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xIoTz EDR Features

Lock down your endpoints from vulnerabilities across systems, apps, and OS with xIoTz EDR’s comprehensive detection, patching, and hardening based on industry-leading standards.

System and OS Vulnerability Detection

System and OS Vulnerability Detection

Identifies potential vulnerabilities in the system and operating system.

Third Party and Non OS Vulnerability

Third-Party and Non-OS Vulnerability

Resolves vulnerabilities in third-party applications such as Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player and covers OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

CVE Based Vulnerability Identification

CVE-Based Vulnerability Identification

Utilizes CVE database to identify, isolate, and prioritize vulnerabilities for efficient risk management.

Patch Management

Patch Management

Comprehensive endpoint patching for system, OS, and third-party vulnerabilities.

CIS CAT Hardening

CIS-CAT Hardening

Implements security configurations based on the Center for Internet Security benchmarks.

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xIoTz EDR Benefits

xIoTz EDR delivers proactive defense through rapid response, early threat detection, and comprehensive protection, exceeding basic EPP capabilities.

Holistic Endpoint Protection

xIoTz EDR assumes breaches, offering robust responses for comprehensive endpoint security.

Incident Response

EDR responds rapidly, crucial against APTs, reducing detection time and facilitating quick containment.

Proactive Detection

Unlike traditional EPP, xIoTz EDR takes a proactive stance, actively detecting and responding to security incidents.

Comprehensive Visibility

xIoTz EDR provides extensive visibility and operational tools, empowering quick responses.

Regulatory Compliance

xIoTz EDR assists in adhering to PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, NIST, and TSC-SOC2 standards.

MITRE ATT&CK Alignment

xIoTz EDR swiftly detects advanced threats with updated signatures every 6 hours.

Continuous System Monitoring

xIoTz EDR monitors system performance, swiftly identifying anomalies.

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM)

xIoTz EDR tracks changes to system files, ensuring integrity and compliance.



The endpoint refers to a user device like a computer or smartphone, while EDR stands for Endpoint Detection and Response, which is a cybersecurity solution specifically designed to monitor and respond to security incidents on these devices.

EDR detection works by continuously collecting and analyzing data from endpoint devices in real-time. It monitors for unusual behavior, indicators of compromise, and known threat signatures. When it detects a potential security incident, EDR triggers alerts and enables quick response and mitigation.

Endpoint devices are user devices such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets that connect to a network.

Mobile devices fall under Mobile Device Management (MDM), and Operational Technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are categorized as sensors, not endpoints.

EDR provides a comprehensive approach, assuming breaches and offering rapid incident response capabilities. It complements EPP by focusing on detection and response, making it a crucial element for robust endpoint protection.


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