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Empower your defense with xIoTz Deception & Decoy Management. Real-time alerts, adaptive honeypots, and seamless SIEM integration for strong cybersecurity. 

Adaptive Deception

xIoTz DDM employs adaptive honeypots and diverse decoys for agile defense against cyber threats.

Comprehensive Management

Centralized control, real-time alerts, and seamless threat intelligence integration.

Real-time Alerts

Immediate notifications, concise reports, and insider threat detection optimize response to threats.

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xIoTz DDM Features

Outsmart attackers with xIoTz Deception: adaptive honeypots, diverse decoys, and automated intel for a shrinking attack surface and instant compromise detection.

adaptive honeypot

Adaptive Honeypots

Evolves with threats, adjusting honeypot behavior dynamically.

decoy diversification

Decoy Diversification

Offers diverse decoys for comprehensive infrastructure coverage.

automated deployment

Automated Deployment

Swiftly deploys and manages decoys, ensuring continuous protection.

attack surface reduction

Attack Surface Reduction

Identifies and mitigates vulnerabilities via strategic decoy deployment.

compromise assessment


Identifies compromised devices by analyzing traffic source IP and Port.

sneak and peek



xIoTz DDM Benefits

xIoTz DDM deploys adaptive decoys, centralizes control, and sparks instant action against cyber threats with real-time alerts and insider detection.

Insider Threat Identification

Identifies individuals exploiting system vulnerabilities, proactively detecting insider threats.

Instant Triggered Alerts

Receives immediate notifications upon decoy triggers, enabling swift responses.

Periodic Reports

Accesses comprehensive reports on deception activities, gaining insights into attacker tactics over time.

Built-In SIEM Integration

Seamlessly integrates with a built-in SIEM system for comprehensive threat detection and response.

Reduced False Positives

Minimizes false positives by isolating deceptive activities to the decoy environment.

User Behavior Analytics

Analyzes attacker interactions to develop user behavior analytics.

External Spear Attacks Identification

Exposes Honey-pots to the public, identifying external spear attacks and mitigating them.

Credential Exposure Prevention

Prevents credential exposure by exposing deceptive rules and decoy systems to avoid unauthorized access attempts.



xIoTz utilizes honeypots strategically placed within a network to attract cyber threats, providing security professionals with insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures employed by potential attackers. This proactive approach enhances overall cybersecurity.

xIoTz provides various types of decoys, including Network, System, Email & RDP, Mobile & Endpoint, WAF, Elastic, Citrix, DICOM, HERALD, and GLUTTON decoys. These are deployed strategically to lure cyber attackers and detect, deflect, or alert the security team.

xIoTz DDM proactively identifies insider threats by catching individuals attempting to exploit vulnerabilities within the system, providing security teams with early alerts and insights.

DDM plays a crucial role in enhancing national security incident response by detecting and deterring cyber threats targeting government networks and sensitive information, ensuring a resilient defense against cyber threats.

Organizations can explore career opportunities, partnership opportunities, request live demonstrations, and access informative blogs on www.xiotz.com to embrace the future of cybersecurity with xIoTz DDM.

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