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Safeguard your brand from CEO fraud and phishing with xIoTz DMARC, DKIM, and SPF Analyzer. Enhance email security and trust.

Unified Email Security

xIoTz integrates DMARC, DKIM, and SPF Analyzer for comprehensive protection against phishing and BEC attacks.

Advanced Authentication

DKIM verifies email authenticity, SPF blocks unauthorized sources, fortifying overall email security.

Industry-Centric Solutions

Sector-specific applications across finance, healthcare, e-commerce, legal, and technology.


xIoTz DMARC Features

Monitor DMARC compliance, report email receivers blocked/accepted, identify threats and take action against suspicious activity.

DMARC Compliance

DMARC Compliance

Monitor DMARC compliance, report received email blocked/accepted, identify threats and take action.

SPF Checker

SPF Checker

xIoTz SPF checker authenticates email domains and blocks failed SPF checks and phishing/spoofing attacks.

DKIM Authentication

DKIM Authentication

xIoTz DMARC Analyzer verifies email authenticity through DKIM authentication protocols.

Email Authentication

Email Authentication

Leverage DKIM and SPF analysis to ensure only legitimate emails bearing proper authentication mechanisms reach your recipients.

Real time Monitoring 1

Real-time Monitoring

Stay ahead of security threats with real-time monitoring of email authentication, enabling swift action against any suspicious activity.

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xIoTz DMARC Benefits

DMARC benefits organizations by Improving email security, deliverability & brand reputation.

DMARC Policy Implementation

Implements DMARC policies that prevent unauthorized use of email domains and authenticate email messages.

Business Email Compromise

Detects email spoofing & BEC attacks. Protects from CEO Fraud with appropriate actions

Email Headers Analysis

Analyze email headers to detect anomalies and inconsistencies that may indicate a spoofed email.

Phishing Prevention

Shield your organization from phishing attempts by allowing only authorized emails from legitimate sources to be delivered.

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand identity and customer trust by enforcing DMARC policies and preventing unauthorized parties from misusing your domain.

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your email security landscape, enabling proactive adjustments and improvements.

Compliance Assurance

Easily meet regulatory compliance requirements with xIoTz, aligning your email security practices with industry standards.

Incident Response Acceleration

Swiftly respond to security incidents with real-time alerts and detailed reports on authentication failures.



xIoTz DMARC, DKIM, and SPF Analyzer is a comprehensive email security solution that combines the power of "Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Key Identified Email (DKIM)" to enhance email security, prevent CEO fraud, and protect against phishing attempts.

The DMARC Analyzer monitors DMARC compliance, reports on email acceptance or blocking, identifies threats, and enables swift action against suspicious activity, acting as a shield against CEO fraud and phishing.

The DKIM Analyzer verifies email authenticity through DKIM authentication protocols. It analyzes DKIM signatures on outgoing messages, identifying any configuration issues and preventing email spoofing.

The SPF Analyzer authenticates email domains, identifies issues with SPF configurations, and blocks failed SPF checks, effectively preventing phishing and spoofing attacks.

xIoTz DMARC Analyzer includes an Email Trap Analyzer that detects email spoofing and BEC attacks, protecting against CEO fraud with appropriate actions, ensuring email security.


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