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Boost email security with xIoTz Email Trap Analyzer (ETA). Proactive defense against phishing, malware, and cyber threats.

Smart Defense

xIoTz Email Trap Analyzer detects threats in real-time, staying ahead with continuous updates.

Phishing & Malware Protection

Alerts and prevents phishing, proactively scans for malware, ensuring a secure digital environment.

User-Friendly Security

Intuitive interface, adaptive comprehensive protection, and scalable for all organization sizes.

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xIoTz ETA Features

Protect your inbox from advanced threats, phishing attacks, and malware with smart detection, behavioral analysis, and user-friendly insights—all powered by xIoTz Email Trap Analyzer.

threat detection

Advanced Threat Detection

Identifies suspicious emails using real-time algorithms and machine learning.

phishing mitigation

Phishing Mitigation

Recognize and stop phishing attempts with accuracy.

Malware Defense

Malware Defense

Scan attachments and links to prevent malware from infecting your network.

behavioral analysis

Behavioral Analysis

Understand the behavioral patterns of your email traffic to detect anomalies.

User Friendly Dashboard

User-Friendly Dashboard

An intuitive interface provides real-time insights into your email security posture.

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xIoTz ETA Benefits

xIoTz shields email with threat detection, proactive phishing & malware defense, and user-friendly, adaptive security that scales for any business.

Comprehensive Protection

Shield that adds a layer of security and adapts to the evolving threat landscape.

Customizable Solutions

Customize the platform to meet your organization's unique needs with different policies.

User Education

Equip your team with the knowledge to identify and report potential threats.


xIoTz Email Trap Analyzer scales seamlessly to protect organizations of all sizes.

Automated Alerts & Notifications

Receive real-time alerts and notifications the moment a potential threat is detected.

Periodic Reporting

Gain valuable insights into your organization's email security posture with detailed periodic reports.

Real-Time Monitoring

Enjoy peace of mind with real-time and continuous monitoring of your email traffic.

Event Logging

Maintain a comprehensive record of security events with detailed event logging.




An Email Trap Analyzer identifies and analyzes email traps within a mailing list to maintain list hygiene and avoid spam-related issues.

Email security is crucial for protecting sensitive data, mitigating phishing threats, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining individual and organizational reputations.

It scans email lists using algorithms to differentiate between regular and trap addresses, considering factors like inactivity and known trap domains.

It helps maintain a positive sender reputation, ensures email deliverability, and reduces the risk of being marked as a spam sender.

Yes, it aids in maintaining a clean email list, reducing the likelihood of triggering spam filters, and preserving a positive sender reputation for better email deliverability.

It's advisable to run analyses regularly, depending on factors like email list size and campaign frequency, to ensure a trap-free list and long-term email marketing success.

ETA identifies three types of traps: Role-Based Traps, Recycled Traps, and Pristine Traps, each serving as potential indicators of spam or phishing activities.

xIoTz ETA offers advanced threat detection, phishing mitigation, malware defense, behavioral analysis, a user-friendly dashboard, and periodic reporting for a comprehensive shield against cyber threats.

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