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Elevate network efficiency with xIoTz NFM. Real-time monitoring, geo IP mapping, threat detection, and SIEM integration for a secure digital future.

Real-Time Monitoring

xIoTz NFM offers instant visibility into network activities for efficient security monitoring.

Geographical Insights

Maps network traffic origins for efficient resource allocation

Prioritized Network Focus

Top-N feature highlights crucial network elements, aiding quick decision-making.

network flow management


xIoTz NFM Features

Gain total visibility and control over your network traffic with xIoTz NFM: understand data flows, pinpoint threats, optimize routes, and streamline network planning.

flows categorization

Flows Categorization

Tracks and categorizes network flows for insights into data movement.

geo IP mapping

Geo IP Mapping

Maps IP addresses to locations, optimizing routes, and identifying anomalies based on geography.

Top N prioritization

Top-N Prioritization

Focuses on significant network elements for quick decision-making and resource allocation.

threat dectection

Threat Detection

Identifies security threats by analyzing unusual patterns in network flows for swift response.

traffic insights

AS Traffic Insights

Provides traffic insights between Autonomous Systems, aiding network planning in complex architectures.


xIoTz NFM Benefits

xIoTz NFM sees all, maps smart, and prioritizes threats for real-time, resource-aware network security.

Real-Time Monitoring

Offers immediate visibility for swift anomaly detection and threat response.

SIEM Integration

Seamlessly integrates with SIEM systems for comprehensive security monitoring.

Event Logging

Captures detailed logs for forensic analysis and compliance audits.

Periodic Reporting

Generates regular reports summarizing network performance and security incidents.

Automated Alerts

Sends automated alerts for proactive responses, minimizing downtime.

Resource Utilization

Ensures optimal network resource allocation to prevent congestion.

Network Visibility

Provides insights into traffic patterns for informed decisions on optimization.

Incident Response Integration

Integrates with incident response mechanisms for swift action against security incidents.



NFM is a cybersecurity solution designed to elevate network efficiency through real-time monitoring, geo IP mapping, threat detection, and SIEM integration. It provides comprehensive insights into network traffic patterns, optimizing performance and enhancing security.

NFM offers information about network traffic, utilization, source and destination IPs, and ports. The xIoTz-AI engine maps this information with Geo-location, IP reputation, Autonomous System, and IANA databases to evaluate risks, identify bottlenecks, and optimize network performance.

xIoTz NFM features include overview summaries, flow tracking, Geo IP mapping, Top-N focus, threat detection, Autonomous System traffic insights, detailed traffic information, and comprehensive flow records, providing a holistic view of network activity.

Geo IP mapping adds a geographical dimension to network analysis by mapping IP addresses to physical locations. This insight helps optimize network routes, ensures efficient data transfer, and identifies anomalous or suspicious activity based on geographic patterns.

NFM analyzes network flows to identify unusual patterns or behaviors that may indicate security threats. It serves as a frontline defense against potential cyber threats by detecting spikes in data transfer and unexpected connections, enabling swift response and mitigation.


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