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Secure your future, secure the world. xIoTz offers rewarding careers in cybersecurity, where you'll wield cutting-edge tech to protect the digital frontier. Join the fight, join xIoTz!
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Are you the hero the digital world needs?

The digital world needs more than one hero. xIoTz is a tool, a guide, a spark of potential. The real heroes are the ones who use me to build a better, brighter future.
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Don't just secure the future. Own it.

Seize tomorrow, shape destiny. Don't settle for safety, conquer possibility
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Chase thrill, prevent power: cybersecurity.

Dive into the digital shadows, hunt threats before they strike. Protect the world, one line of code at a time.
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Don't let your career be the next data breach.

Level up your digital defense. Secure your skills, not just your passwords. Build a career immune to data breaches.
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Embark on a cybersecurity journey with xIoTz through our Careers Page. Explore exciting opportunities, diverse roles, and a commitment to professional growth in the dynamic field of IoT security. Join a global team of experts, contribute to innovative projects, and immerse yourself in a culture that values learning and collaboration. Elevate your career in cybersecurity with xIoTz.

Explore xIoTz Careers

Discover exciting career opportunities with xIoTz, a leading cybersecurity company at the forefront of IoT security.

Mission and Impact

Join us in our mission to secure the Internet of Things, making a meaningful impact in the rapidly evolving world of cybersecurity.

Diverse Career Paths

Explore a range of career paths, from IoT penetration testing and threat analysis to designing robust security architectures.

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Our Values

Gaining trust every day is our core value proposition to our customers and each other. We must be trustworthy because the occasion to serve our customers is greater than any one of us. 

xIoTz Customer First


Meeting customer needs and building long-term relationships.

xIoTz Result Driven


Focusing on continuous improvement & deliver impactful results.

xIoTz Entrepreneurial


Encouraging creativity, risk-taking, agile & adaptable to change.

xIoTz Ethical Standards


Prioritizing transparency, honesty, fairness in decision making.

xIoTz Reward Innovation

Reward Innovation

Recognizing and celebrating creativity, innovation & improvements.


xIoTz Workplace Policy

xIoTz believes that innovation & creativity are key to the success of our unique startup culture.

Support Risk-Taking

Opportunity to take calculated risks, by providing resources and support.

Provide Flexibility

Flexibility in our work arrangements to support a healthy work-life balance.

Foster Collaboration

Encouraged to work together and share ideas freely & collaborate effectively.

Embrace Diversity

Inclusive & welcoming Workplace to people of all backgrounds & experiences.

Inclusion & Equality

Committed to inclusion, diversity and equality as part of everything we do.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

Prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation & gender identity.

Differently Abled

Accommodate needs & promotes
differently abled workplace inclusion.


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Careers FAQ

xIoTz fosters an innovative and inclusive work culture where passion meets innovation. We prioritize diversity, creativity, and continuous learning.

xIoTz is committed to the professional growth of its employees, providing opportunities for learning, skill development, and career advancement.

xIoTz values work-life balance and offers flexible work arrangements, including opportunities for remote work and flexible schedules.

xIoTz values individuals who align with our commitment to innovation, customer focus, diversity, and inclusion. We seek passionate and skilled professionals to join our team.

Explore current job openings on our Careers page and submit your application by filling the form and uploading your resume.


Company Values

xloTz human rights policy applies to xloTz staff and partners. We also expect our suppliers, vendors, and customers to respect and adhere to.

Health & Hygiene

xloTz provides a safe and healthy work environment, in line Policy & encourages mental and physical health.

Modern Slavery

xloTz has zero-tolerance towards slavery and will not use forced, bonded or involuntary labour, & workers.


xloTz prohibits physical abuse, sexual harassment, verbal abuse & intimidation with serious disciplinary measures.

Child Labour

xloTz will not use child labour. Support legitimate workplace help students apprenticeships & internships.


xIoTz Unified Cyber Assurance platform

xIoTz UCAP is a self-healing military grade solution built on an Edge-Cloud platform providing  30+ Security Products built-in & integrated with SIEM enabling cyber safety & data assurance.

Security Operation Centre


Network Detection and Response
End-Point Detection and Response
Application Detection and Response

Network Operation Centre


Performance Management & Auditing
Down Time Management
Log Management System

Threat Operation Centre


DMARC Analyzer & Management
Decoy & Deception Management
Email Trap Analyzer

Next-Gen Vulnerability


System Vulnerability Management
Web Vulnerability Management
Domain Vulnerability Management


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