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CyberAID Support: Your step to Cyber Recovery.

At xIoTz, we provide free, professional support to individuals affected by cybercrime and digital fraud. Our team is here to help you recover from online threats and secure your digital life.
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Protect Yourself from Digital Fraud

xIoTz CyberMED assists you in recognizing and responding to digital fraud, including unauthorized account access, card skimming, and social engineering attacks.
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Identity Theft Assistance: Take Back Control

If you suspect identity theft, xIoTz provides comprehensive support to secure your information and restore your identity. Contact us for immediate help.
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Immediate Help for Digital Threats

Facing unauthorized access or online harassment? xIoTz experts are ready to assist you. Reach out through our website or call our support hotline for personalized help.
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xIoTz Cyber MED

CyberAID for
Cybercrime |
and Digital Fraud Victims

Welcome to the xIoTz Cyber MED(Support, Assistance and AID) Center! Our team of experts offers free, professional support to those affected by various forms of online threats. Whether you’ve been targeted by hackers, scammed online, or suffered from any digital harm, xIoTz is here to provide the guidance and assistance for individuals and personals to recover and protect in the future. We are committed to making the internet a safer place for every individual. Send us your problem at emergency@xiotzsupport.com

Cybercrime Support

Free expert help for victims of cybercrime, digital fraud, and online harm. We assist in recovery and protection from online threats.

Digital Fraud Assistance

Offering free expert help to victims of digital fraud. We provide guidance and support to recover and safeguard against future online threats.

Personal CyberAID

Personal CyberAID provides complimentary cybersecurity assistance to individuals impacted by cybercrime, digital fraud, and online harassment.

HOW can we help

xIoTz CyberMED

100% Free Expert Support and Professional Assistance During Digital Crises & Cyber Attack Situations.

Digital fraud & scams

xIoTz prevents fraud with identity monitoring, secure communications, incident response, and education.

Bullying and Online harassment

xIoTz aids individuals by monitoring, responding, protecting privacy, offering legal support, and promoting awareness against harassment.

Loss of Privacy

xIoTz safeguards individuals' privacy with monitoring, secure communication, data protection, and legal guidance against breaches.

Cybercrime against Women

xIoTz protects women with education, advocacy, and tailored cybersecurity solutions against prevalent online threats.

Haked to pay Ransom

xIoTz guides individuals facing ransom demands by providing support, recovery options, legal advice, and preventive measures.

How we can help individual

xIoTz CyberAID

xIoTz offers a comprehensive range of services to help individuals safeguard themselves.

Personal Security Assessments

 Recommending and implementing security measures to mitigate identified risks.

Personal Device Security


Personal device security refers to the measures and practices used to protect personal electronic devices.

Malware Removal

Helping to remove malware or other malicious software from affected devices.

Phishing and Scam protection

Phishing and scam protection refers to the measures and practices aimed at safeguarding individuals from deceptive attempts to steal sensitive information or money.

Secure Browsing Tools

Offering secure browsers and extensions that block malicious websites and phishing attempts

Awareness and Education

Awareness and education involve teaching individuals to recognize and respond to potential security threats and safe practices.

Training and Workshop

Training and workshops offer practical, hands-on sessions to teach specific skills and knowledge on security threats and safe practices.

Digital Footprint Management

Digital footprint management involves monitoring and controlling one's online information to protect privacy and personal data.



CyberAId provides free, professional support to individuals affected by various online threats. Our services include assistance with recovery from cyber attacks, guidance on protecting yourself from future threats, and expert advice on dealing with issues such as unauthorized access, digital fraud, identity theft, and online harassment.

CyberAId services are available to anyone who has been affected by cybercrime, digital fraud, or any form of online harm. This includes individuals who have experienced unauthorized access to their accounts, identity theft, online scams, or ransomware attacks.

To get help from CyberAId, you can contact our support team through our website or by calling our customer support hotline. Our team of experts is ready to provide guidance and assistance tailored to your specific situation.

No, the xIoTz CyberAID is absolutely free for an individual.

Absolutely, at xIoTz, confidentiality and privacy are paramount. Your information and inquiries will be handled with the utmost discretion and care.


Privacy FAQ

Stay vigilant about the information you share online and consider the credibility of sources before believing or sharing information. Regularly monitor your online accounts and devices for any suspicious activity, and report any instances of harassment or false reporting to the relevant authorities or platforms.

Conduct regular sweeps of your home or workplace using professional bug detection equipment or DIY methods like RF detectors. If you suspect surveillance, avoid discussing sensitive information in potentially compromised areas and consider seeking professional help for thorough detection and removal.

Unusual or unexpected access to sensitive data by unauthorized individuals. Instances of unintended exposure of personal or confidential information on public platforms. Noticing discrepancies in privacy settings or unexpected changes in account permissions.

 Double-check recipients before sending emails and utilize encryption or secure channels for sensitive communications. Review and adjust privacy settings on cloud storage platforms to ensure files are shared only with intended recipients. Exercise caution when sharing personal information on social media and regularly review and update privacy settings to limit exposure.

 Depending on your jurisdiction, you may have legal options such as filing a complaint with law enforcement or pursuing civil action against the perpetrators. Document all instances of harassment or false reporting, including screenshots or saved communications, to support your case. Seek guidance from legal professionals or advocacy organizations specializing in online harassment for assistance in navigating your options.


Bullying & Harassment FAQ

If you suspect cyberstalking, document all instances of online monitoring or digital intrusion, and consider seeking professional assistance for detection and mitigation. Additionally, report the behavior to the relevant authorities or platforms for investigation.

To protect yourself from cyberbullying and online harassment, safeguard your personal information and privacy settings, and block or report any abusive users or content. Consider seeking support from trusted friends, family, or professionals if needed.

Warning signs of catfishing include inconsistencies in the individual's story, reluctance to meet in person, and requests for money or personal information. Trust your instincts and conduct thorough research before engaging in online relationships.

If you suspect catfishing or romance fraud, cease communication with the individual and report their profile to the relevant platform. Refrain from sharing personal or financial information, and consider seeking guidance from online safety resources or legal professionals.

To raise awareness about online safety and prevent cyberstalking, harassment, and catfishing, educate yourself and others about the risks and warning signs. Promote responsible online behavior, encourage open communication, and advocate for stronger measures to combat online abuse and fraud.


Cybercrime against Women FAQ

You can do these thing

  • Using strong, unique passwords for their accounts and enabling two-factor authentication where available.
  • Being cautious about sharing personal information online and verifying the authenticity of requests for sensitive data.
  • Regularly updating security software and being vigilant for signs of suspicious activity on their devices or accounts.

Contact us on xiotz/contact-us or Email : emercency@xiotz.com


Reach out to xIoTz for support and guidance. We offer confidential assistance and can help you navigate steps to protect yourself and address the situation. You can also visit this blog for top cyber crimes against women.

Absolutely. xIoTz is committed to inclusivity and provides resources and assistance to women of all backgrounds, ensuring everyone has access to vital cybersecurity support. You can refer to this blog on Gender Based Cyber Violence.

xIoTz provides tailored cybersecurity solutions and educational blogs to empower women in recognizing and mitigating online threats.

Yes, your privacy and confidentiality are our top priorities. xIoTz treats all client information with the utmost care and ensures that your concerns are addressed with discretion and respect.

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For general inquiries, you can reach out to xIoTz through our contact form on the website. We aim to respond within 24 hours.

If you need support for xIoTz cybersecurity solutions, please contact our support team through the provided emails and contact form. We will assist you promptly.

xIoTz welcomes partnerships. If you are interested in collaborating for cybersecurity solutions, reach out to us through the contact information provided, and let's secure the future together.

Absolutely! We value feedback from our users and partners. Feel free to share your feedback through the provided channels, and we appreciate your input in enhancing our services.

When reaching out to xIoTz, include relevant information about your inquiry, such as the nature of the service or partnership you are interested in. This helps us provide you with swift and effective assistance.

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