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xIoTz LMS: Secure log management with Syslog protocols. Centralize, analyze, and report logs for resilient, efficient systems.

Centralized Log Collection

xIoTz LMS centralizes logs for unified troubleshooting and enhanced security monitoring.

Secured Syslog Management

Ensures secure log handling using Syslog protocols with regular access audits.

SIEM Integration, Data Class

Integrates with SIEM for robust
security and classifies logs by severity for optimized data retention.

log management system


xIoTz Log Management Systems

xIoTz Log Management Systems (LMS) are your one-stop shop for understanding the chatter of your IT infrastructure, acting as a translator for the vast amount of data your systems generate.


Log Collector

Log Collectors

Gathers log data from different sources within an IT infrastructure.

Log Storage

Log Storage

Secure and efficient store log data for future analysis, compliance, and forensic purposes.

Log Analyzer

Log Analyzers

Process and analyze log data to identify patterns, anomalies, and security incidents.

Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

Generate human-readable reports based on the analyzed log data.

Centralized Log Collection

Centralized Log Collection

Centralize logs from various sources to facilitate troubleshooting.

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xIoTz Log Management Systems


xIoTz LMS Benefits

xIoTz LMS centralizes logs securely, integrates with SIEM for robust security, and intelligently classifies data for optimal retention.


Centralize log data from diverse sources to streamline management and analysis.


Implement secure protocols like TLS to protect log data during transmission.

Retention Policies

Define retention policies to comply with regulatory requirements and manage storage resources.

Integration with SIEM

Integrate log management systems with SIEM tools for security monitoring.

Regular Auditing

Conduct regular audits of log configurations for capturing and analyzing events.

Data Classification

xIoTz ETL ( Extract, transform and load ) classifies the logs based on the severity.

Alerting and Notification

 LMS is configured to trigger alerts based on predefined criteria.

Storage and Retention

xIoTz LMS store logs in a structured manner, ensuring efficient retrieval when needed



A log management system is a tool or process designed to collect, store, analyze, and manage log data generated by various software applications, systems, and devices.

Yes, log management is a key component of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems. It provides the foundation for collecting and analyzing log data to enhance security.

Common challenges include managing a high volume of logs, ensuring log integrity, correlating data from diverse sources, dealing with false positives, and addressing issues related to storage and retention.

Log management is crucial for security as it enables the timely detection of suspicious activities, provides a record of events for forensic analysis, and supports incident response efforts, ultimately enhancing overall cybersecurity.

The retention period for logs varies based on regulatory requirements, organizational policies, and the nature of the data. It can range from days to months or even years, depending on specific compliance standards and internal protocols.

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