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NASSCOM Emerge 50 2023

November 6, 2023

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NASSCOM Emerge 50 2023

Welcome to NASSCOM Emerge 50 2023! If you are not familiar with NASSCOM, let me take you to the annual tech conference that happens every year.

What is NASSCOM?

NASSCOM stands for “The National Association of Software and Service Companies”. An Indian non-governmental trade association and advocacy group that represents the country’s Information Technology and business process management industry.

NASSCOM was founded in 1988, a non-profit organization that serves as the leading industry body for India’s technology sector.

What is NASSCOM Emerge 50?

The NASSCOM Emerge 50 is India’s most prestigious award celebrating innovation that is designed to identify, recognize, and support the top emerging IT , indigenous startup in India.

The annual program that happens every year, aims to spot and empower 50 of the most promising and innovative tech companies in the Nation.

The primary objectives of NASSCOM Emerge 50 are:

Recognize and celebrate: Emerging tech companies with Innovation.
Mentorship and guidance: From the leading industry experts.
Visibility and networking: Opportunities for the deserved startups.
Training & Skills: Offering workshops and programs to grow.
Trend and Tech: Showcase emerging and future technologies.

Theme of NASSCOM Emerge 50 2023 – “Shaping the Techade”

Top 5 Event Highlights of the Event

Innovative Tech Showcases:

NASSCOM Emerge 50 2023, Showcase of Innovation of the top 50 selected companies to present their

Cutting-edge technology,
Next-gen solutions,
Indigenous products,
Innovative services with
Unbeatable offering.

a firsthand look at the future of technology and the contribution from India.

Expert Mentorship Sessions:

Exclusive expert mentorship sessions, Opportunity to gain insights for the emerging tech companies and guidance from industry leaders.

Knowledge “Sharing is Caring”

Building Networking:

Networking platform, Companies with growth potential interact with investors and stakeholders.

The right collaborations and investments that help in growth and expansion of the indigenous startup.

Training and Learning:

In-depth workshops and training sessions, provided to tech companies with the tools and knowledge to excel the competitive tech ecosystem.

Topics from business strategy to technological trends.

Spotlight on Emerging Technologies:

Emerging technologies and trends shaping the tech industry’s future. Insights into the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, circular economy, Digital security and sustainability.

Diverse Participants, Attendees and VIPs of NASSCOM Emerge 50 2023


  • Emerging Tech Companies: These are the stars of the show. 50 new tech companies selected as part of the NASSCOM Emerge 50.
  • Startups: Indigenous startups in the tech sector participate to gain exposure and explore business or investment opportunities.
  • Technology Enthusiasts: Individuals interested in technology and innovation often go there to learn the latest trends and interact with like-minded people.
  • Industry experts: Professionals with expertise in a variety of technical areas can participate as speakers, panelists, or consultants.


  • Business Leads: Entrepreneurs from established tech companies and other industries reach out for potential partnerships, investments or collaborations with emerging tech companies.
  • Investors: Venture capitalists, angel investors and representatives of financial institutions come to see promising start-ups for potential investment.
  • Students: Faculty, researchers and students from universities visit to explore and get ideas on latest technological developments.
  • Government Ambassadors: Officials from government departments and companies focused on technology and innovation may be present to support the development of the technology sector.
  • Journalists: Journalists and reporters covering technology and business are often on hand to cover the event.

VIPs :

  • Prominent CEOs: Leaders of prominent technology companies can attend or speak at the event to share their insights and experiences.
  • Officials: High-ranking officials interested in technology and innovation such as ministers or secretaries can be invited as VIP guests
  • Industry Influencers: Influential figures in the tech world, including authors, thought leaders, and visionaries, may attend and participate in keynote sessions or panel discussions.

NASSCOM Representatives:

Leaders and key members of NASSCOM play a central role in the event, guiding its direction and objectives.

  • Previous Awardees: Past winners of NASSCOM Emerge 50 awards are invited as VIPs to share their success stories and offer inspiration.

xIoTz and NASSCOM Emerge 50

About xIoTz:

xIoTz is a revolutionary, startup based in Bangalore and

1) Incubated at C3i Hub, IIT Kanpur
2) Accelerated by the NCoE, DSCI, NASSCOM.
3) Winner of (idex) Indian Navy DISC 9 Challenge.
4) Won the National Technology Awards 2023.

xIoTz cyber assurance platform will pitch live in the Investor Connect session at Nasscom Future Forge 2023.

xIoTz Speed-dating

xIoTz Private limited will be speed dating 11+ Investors in the NASSCOM Emerge 50.

NIPP & xIoTz

What is the full form of NIPP in Nasscom?

The NASSCOM Industry Partnership Program (NIPP) (https://nipp.tech/)

Enterprise Connect

It’s a proud moment for xIoTz Private limited to be invited by NIPP Enterprise Connect Session for the investors meet.

Conclusion & Take-Aways:

An emerging startup like xIoTz, with innovative solution Unified Cyber Assurance Platform with unbeatable workforce xioTzian’s has the following take away from the technological feast like NASSCOM Emerge 50.

Awards and Recognition

Investor Engagement

Market Validation

Networking Opportunities

Media Exposure

“It’s not about the Future of a StartUp, The Future is all about Startups.”

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