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Partnership Opportunity with xIoTz

October 9, 2023

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Partnership Opportunity with xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform

xIoTz private limited has initiated the partnership opportunities to expand its market reach and increase sales through indirect channels.

Join Forces with xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform! 

Are you passionate about cybersecurity and eager to make an impact in the ever-evolving digital threat landscape? Look no further! xIoTz is on a mission to revolutionize Unified Cybersecurity, and we’re seeking partners who share our vision and be part of our mission

To Apply  :- https://xiotz.com/partners/#partners-form

To Schedule a Meeting :- https://xiotz.com/contact-us/#contact-calender

Why Partner with xIoTz?

At the heart of xIoTz’s initiative is the desire to create a robust network of partners who join-hands to expand their market reach and drive sales through indirect channels. Partnering with xIoTz offers a multitude of benefits that helps to thrive in the cybersecurity domain, With a Win-Win Strategy.

Benefits Of Partnering With xIoTz:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Solutions: Resellers gain access to xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform  & solutions, enabling advanced protection to their customers.
  • Revenue Generation: Resellers can earn significant revenue by selling xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform products and services, with an advantage of recurring revenue through our subscription-based models.

  • Market Expansion: Resellers can expand the market presence by leveraging the xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform and our technology expertise.
  • Training and Support: Receive training and ongoing support from xIoTz, We help our partners understand and effectively promote xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform.
  • Marketing Collateral: Access marketing materials, sales collateral, and product information to facilitate sales efforts.
  • Technical Assistance: Access to technical resources, documentation, and expertise to assist with product implementation and customer support.
  • Competitive Advantage: Offering xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform can differentiate resellers from competitors, as our offerings are unique and  specialized.

Requirements For Reseller Partners:

To become a reseller partner in our program, prospective partners needs to meet the following criteria

Sales Commitments: Partners may be expected to meet minimum sales commitments or targets to maintain their reseller status.

Marketing Collaboration: Partners should be willing to collaborate on marketing efforts, including co-branded materials and joint promotions.

Technical Capability: Resellers should have the technical expertise necessary to implement and support your solutions or be willing to collaborate with your technical team.

L1 Support: Resellers to provide L1 support and service.

Product Knowledge: Resellers should undergo training to become proficient in your cybersecurity solutions and how to effectively communicate their value to clients.

Our Partner Program Offers:

  • Tiered partnership levels with increasing benefits.
  • Product Pricing and Special Discounts.

  • Comprehensive training and certification programs
  • Sales and marketing collateral.
  • Sales Enablement & Lead Generation 
  • Technical resources and support

  • Deal registration system to protect your opportunities
  • Incentive programs to reward your efforts

We are excited to invite partners to xIoTz Partnership Program. We believe that by joining forces, we can make a significant impact on the cybersecurity landscape and better serve our mutual clients.

About xIoTz  : 

xIoTz is a revolutionary, indigenous cybersecurity startup incubated at C3i Hub, IIT Kanpur and accelerated by the NCoE, Data Security Council of India, NASSCOM.

xIoTz Private Limited is the winner of (idex) Indian Navy DISC 9 Challenge,  the Unified Cyber Assurance platform won the National Technology Awards 2023.

About xIoTz Cyber Assurance Platform:

xIoTz eXtended Operation Center(XOC) is an Unified CyberAssurance platform with built-in Network Operation Centre ( NOC) , Security operation Centre (SOC), Threat Operation Centre (TOC) & NexGen Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) with 30+ Security Products & Features, built-in & integrated with SIEM providing holistic view of cyber security posture in a single pane of glass, offering continuous discovery, analysis, remediation and monitoring of cyber security vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors for inventory, enabling cyber safety and data assurance with

  • 90% Reduction in the security cost 
  • 10x increase in security coverage
  • 2hours cyber resilient deployment
  • 100% Data Locality with Zero-Trust
  •  4x Faster resolution for Cyberattacks

xIoTz XOC is a self-healing solution that secure, harden, patch, optimize and tune, monitor, conduct vulnerability assessment and provide regulatory compliances, for

  • Central IT & Shadow IT
  • Roaming & Local clients
  • Head Office & ROBO office
  • Domain and Subdomains
  • On-Prem & Cloud Workloads

Unified Cyber Assurance platform provides business continuity, early threat detection & deflection, compromise assessment, regulatory compliance & data Assurance for Enterprises.


xIoTz Unified DATA CIA protects organization’s form

1) Business Email Compromise,

2) Brand Impersonation ,

3) Domain hijacking,

4) Website Defacement

5) Ransomware & zero-Day attacks,

6) Threat Insider & Spear Attacks,

7) Malware, Adware & Spyware.

Unified DATA CIA Solution addressing Security, Threats, Vulnerabilities, Compliance, Policies, Auditing, Performance, Uptime & Log Monitor, Deception, Sink-hole DNS, DMARC analyzer, Email Trap & Next-gen vulnerability assessment in a unified dashboard.

Diversity And Inclusion At xIoTz:

xIoTz is committed to inclusion, diversity and equality as part of everything we do from how we build our products to how we build our workforce. xIoTz stands for equal pay, equal treatment, and equal experiences for all of our people, past, present, and future, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic class, disability status, or any other differentiating factor. We strive to ensure everyone has equal opportunities.

For those looking to join the xIoTz family and explore the world of Cybersecurity,

Kindly visit our careers page and be part of their exciting CyberSafe journey:  https://xiotz.com/careers/

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