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xIoTz DMARC, DKIM and SPF Analyzer

January 10, 2024

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xloTz DMARC, DKIM and SPF Analyzer


Brand protection and Business Email Compromise protection are essential for maintaining a positive brand image, ensuring trust among customers, and safeguarding intellectual property from misuse or misrepresentation. By combining the strength of “Sender Policy framework (SPF) and Domain key identified Email (DKIM)” to handle CEO fraud and brand protection, xIoTz DMARC Analyzer improves email security posture (BEC).

DMARC Analyzer

xIoTz DMARC Analyzer particularly improves the email security posture. And ensures that legitimate emails sent from their domain are not blocked or marked as spam by recipient email systems.

This cutting-edge technology not only particularly enhances your email security posture but also acts as a shield against CEO Fraud and phishing attempts.

DKIM Analyzer

With xIoTz XOC domain owners analyze DKIM signatures on their outgoing messages and identify any issues with their DKIM configuration. DKIM Analyzer especially prevents email spoofing using Domain Key Identification verification and validation.

SPF Analyzer

Analyze the SPF records on the owner’s domain and identify any issues with their SPF configuration. This can be specifically done by identifying domain’s SPF policy affecting email deliverability due to failed SPF checks.

About xIoTz: Unified Cyber-Assurance Platform

xIoTz eXtented Operation Centre significantly unifies the Network Operation center (NOC), Security operation center (SOC). Threat Operation Center (TOC) and NexGen Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) in a single pane of glass.

xIoTz Threat Operation Center provides following:

  • Decoy and Deception Management
  • Email Trap Analyzer
  • DMARC, DKIM and SPF Analyzer
  • SinkHole DNS System.

xIoTz Features

  1. DMARC Compliance: Monitor DMARC compliance, report received email blocked/accepted, identify threats so that it can take action against suspicious activity.
  2. DKIM Authentication: Through DKIM authentication protocols, xIoTz DMARC Analyzer verifies email authenticity
  3. SPF Checker: xIoTz SPF checker authenticates email domains and blocks failed SPF checks and phishing or spoofing attacks.
  4. Comprehensive Email Authentication: Leverage DKIM and SPF analysis to ensure only legitimate emails bearing proper authentication mechanisms reach your recipients.
  5. Real-time Monitoring: Stay ahead of security threats with real-time monitoring of email authentication and enabling swift action against any suspicious activity.
  6. Reporting and Conformance: Generate detailed reports on email authentication status along with aiding in DMARC policy conformance and overall security enhancement.

Why DKIM and SPF Matter: A Deeper Dive

  1. DKIM – Fortifying Sender Authentication:

Cryptographically sign outgoing emails and providing a verifiable signature that ensures the message’s authenticity.

  1. SPF – Validating Sender Authorization:

Specify authorized mail servers through SPF records and preventing unauthorized sources from sending emails on behalf of your domain.

xIoTz DMARC Analyzer Benefits

  1. DMARC Policy Implementation: xIoTz DMARC Analyzer implements DMARC policies that prevent unauthorized use of email domains and authenticate email messages.
  2. Business Email Compromise: XOC Email Analyzer detects email spoofing and BEC attacks. Protects from CEO Fraud / CEO Scam with appropriate actions.
  3. Monitor Email Domains: xIoTz DMARC Analyzer monitors email traffic and detects unauthorized use of domains with alerting & reporting.
  4. Email Headers Analysis: Analyze email headers to detect anomalies and inconsistencies that may indicate a spoofed email and identify potential attacks.
  5. Phishing Prevention: Shield your organization from phishing attempts by allowing only authorized emails from legitimate sources to be delivered.
  6. Brand Protection: Safeguard your brand identity and customer trust by enforcing DMARC policies and preventing unauthorized parties from misusing your domain.
  7. Detailed Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your email security landscape by significantly enabling proactive adjustments and improvements.
  8. Compliance Assurance: Easily meet regulatory compliance requirements with xIoTz which especially helps you align your email security practices with industry standards.
  9. Incident Response Acceleration: Swiftly respond to security incidents with real-time alerts and detailed reports on authentication failures.
  10. Customer Trust and Satisfaction: Foster trust among customers by specifically demonstrating a commitment to protecting sensitive information.

Industry Use-Cases

  1. Finance and Banking: Ensure compliance with financial regulations and protect sensitive data by using xIoTz to thwart phishing attacks and authenticate critical communications.
  2. Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals:  Protecting patient confidentiality and meet healthcare regulations by using xIoTz. We can help you to validate email authenticity and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive medical information.
  3. E-commerce: Win customer trust especially in online transactions by using xIoTz. We can help to secure email communications, preventing phishing attempts and ensuring reliable delivery of transactional and promotional emails.
  4. Legal Services: Protect attorney-client communications and maintain confidentiality in legal matters with xIoTz. This is done by verifying email authenticity to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive legal information.
  5. Technology and Software Development: Safeguard intellectual property and proprietary information particularly in the tech industry. xIoTz prevents email-based attacks, and thus ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of critical source code and business strategies.


In an age where cyber threats are constantly evolving, securing especially your email communication is non-negotiable. 

xIoTz XOC with SPF and DKIM, DMARC Analyzer is designed to prevent email spoofing, phishing attacks and Business Email Compromise by monitoring and analyzing email traffic. This also ensures that email messages are legitimate and originate only from authorized sources which improves the email security posture and protects organizations from whaling attacks.

Safeguard your brand, protect your stakeholders, and fortify your digital communication channels with xIoTz – The ultimate DMARC, DKIM, and SPF analyzer.

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