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xIoTz Network Behavior & Anomaly Detection (NBAD)

January 10, 2024

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xIoTz Network Behavior & Anomaly Detection (NBAD)


Network Behavior Analysis and Anomaly Detection (NBAD), an integral part of NFM, leverages the significantly same rich dataset to monitor network activity. 

By employing the xIoTz-AI engine’s capabilities, it detects deviations from established network norms, aiding in anomaly detection and analysis, which is vital for network security and performance optimization.

About xIoTz: Unified Cyber-Assurance Platform

xIoTz eXtented Operation Centre unifies the Network Operation center (NOC), Security operation center (SOC). Threat Operation Center (TOC) and NexGen Vulnerability Assessment (NGVA) in a single pane of glass.

xIoTz Security Operation Center (SOC) provides:

  • Network Flow Management
  • Network Intrusion Detection 
  • Network Behaviour Anomaly 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response and
  • Web Application Firewall.

xIoTz NBAD Features

  1. Malware Detection: Identifies unusual patterns of traffic, suspicious domains, IP addresses, abnormal data transfer and indicates the malware infection.
  2. Insider Threat Detection: Detects weird activities, unusual logins, access to unauthorized systems, or excessive data downloads identifying insider threat.
  3. Data Exfiltration Detection: NBAD can detect patterns of data exfiltration including large volumes of data leaving the network and traffic to suspicious destinations.
  4. Network Performance Optimization: Identifies network congestion, misconfigurations, network issues to optimize network resources and improve performance.
  5. Investigations & Forensics: xIotz NBAD provides valuable information on the source of a security breach and the extent of a data breach for forensics investigations.
  6. Hardening: Monitors deviations from secure configurations, alerting on potential vulnerabilities.
  7. Zero-Day Attacks: Detects unusual patterns indicating novel threats, enabling rapid response.
  8. IOAs (Indicators of Attack): Identifies malicious behaviors, offering proactive threat detection beyond known signatures.

CONN: Unveiling Network Connections

  • Foundation of NBAD lies in dissecting network connections.
  • xIoTz-AI engine examines connection intricacies for normal vs. malicious activity.
  • Establishes a baseline through understanding network communication nuances.
  • Forms benchmark for anomaly detection.
  • Enables proactive identification of potential security threats.

ANOMALY: Detecting Deviations with Precision

  • Core functionality centered around anomaly detection.
  • xIoTz-AI engine excels in identifying unusual activities or deviations.
  • Swift and immediate response to even minor aberrations.
  • Serves as a vigilant sentinel for potential security risks.
  • Enhances overall threat detection capabilities.

HTTP, SSL, DNS, DHCP, SSH, RDP: A Comprehensive Lens on Protocols

  • Extends coverage to diverse network protocols, including HTTP, SSL, DNS, DHCP, SSH, and RDP.
  • Comprehensive analysis ensures prompt identification and mitigation of malicious activities.
  • Safeguards network from encrypted communication simultaneously to remote desktop protocols.
  • Strengthens security measures significantly for widely used communication protocols.
  • Offers a particularly holistic approach to protocol-level threat monitoring.

FILE, SMB, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, SIP: Safeguarding Data and Communication Channels

  • Monitors file transfers, SMB, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, and SIP.
  • Safeguards data and communication channels against potential threats.
  • Extensive coverage ensures the security of critical assets.
  • Proactively identifies and mitigates potential risks related to data transfer.
  • Provides a layered defense against threats targeting communication channels.

NTLM, RADIUS, SYSLOG, TUNNEL, X.509, KRB5: Strengthening Authentication and Communication Security

  • Fortifies authentication and secure communication through scrutiny of NTLM, RADIUS, SYSLOG, tunneling protocols, X.509 certificates, and KRB5.
  • Adds an extra layer of protection to ensure only authorized entities access the network securely.
  • Strengthens authentication protocols against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Enhances the overall security posture by focusing on authentication and communication.
  • Offers specialized monitoring for critical elements of network security.

RFB, DNP3, RPC, PE, SOFTWARE: Tackling Specialized Protocols and Threats

  • Monitors specialized protocols such as RFB, DNP3, RPC, PE, and software.
  • Provides a tailored defense against threats exploiting specific vulnerabilities.
  • Enhances security solutions for unique network elements.
  • Specialized threat detection for protocols with potential security risks.
  • Complements general threat detection with a focus on specific, targeted vulnerabilities.

STATS: Data-Driven Insights for Continuous Improvement

  • Contributes to the overall enhancement of network performance.
  • Generates statistics and insights into network behavior for informed decision-making.
  • Optimizes performance by identifying and addressing network bottlenecks.
  • Ensures a seamless and efficient network operation.
  • Enables data-driven decision-making for continuous improvement in network security and performance.

Top 10 NBAD Benefits

NBAD is a security technology that detects potential security threats by identifying anomalous behavior in network traffic.

  1. Early Threat Detection: xIotz NBAD detects network security threats in real-time enabling organizations to respond quickly and effectively to potential attacks.
  2. Improved Incident Response: Organizations gain better insights into the nature and extent of security incidents to mitigate risks and minimize the impact of an attack.
  3. Reduced False Positives: Machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis on deviations reduces the number of false positives to focus on genuine threats.
  4. Cost-Effective & Scalable: xIotz NBAD is a scalable cost-effective solution to monitor large and complex networks and detect potential threats, reducing expensive hardware.
  5. Proactive Security Posture: By continuously monitoring network behavior, NBAD provides a proactive defense against emerging and evolving cyber threats, reducing the risk of successful attacks.
  6. Anomaly Identification: NBAD excels in spotting anomalies and deviations from established network norms, helping security teams pinpoint potential security incidents and investigate them promptly.
  7. Insight into Normal Network Behavior: Establishing a baseline of normal network behavior enables NBAD to distinguish between regular activities and suspicious or malicious actions, minimizing false positives.
  8. Protection Against Insider Threats: NBAD is effective in identifying unusual activities, including those initiated by insider threats. This capability is crucial for securing networks against both external and internal risks.
  9. Continuous Monitoring: NBAD operates in real-time, providing continuous monitoring of network activities. This ensures that security teams are alerted to potential threats as soon as they arise.
  10. Adaptability to Network Changes: NBAD can adapt to changes in network configurations and structures, maintaining its effectiveness even as the organization’s network evolves.

Industry Use-Cases

  1. Finance: Detect unusual patterns in financial transactions, identify insider threats, and safeguard against data exfiltration for robust cybersecurity in the financial sector.
  2. Healthcare: Monitor network behavior to ensure the confidentiality of patient data, detect insider threats, and swiftly respond to anomalous activities, enhancing overall healthcare cybersecurity.
  3. Manufacturing: Safeguard industrial networks by identifying abnormal behaviors, ensuring continuous monitoring for potential cyber threats, and optimizing network performance in manufacturing processes.
  4. Telecommunications: Enhance the security of telecom networks by detecting anomalies in communication patterns, ensuring the integrity of data transfer, and mitigating threats in real-time.
  5. E-commerce: Protect online platforms by analyzing network behavior to identify and respond to unusual activities, securing customer data, and maintaining a proactive defense against evolving cyber threats in the e-commerce industry.


xIoTz NBAD identifies and alerts on unusual network activity and weird behavior by comparing with baseline patterns of normal behavior. NBAD notifies the indicators of attack and the possibility of security breach when the traffic deviates significantly from the baseline.

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